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AgDoc and PrairieLand Partners have collaborated on this site to bring to market the information, training, and collaboration tools for users of Precision Ag Equipment. We understand both the equipment AND the data management side of the business. AgDoc is a Web-based system that supports the data-driven needs of Precision Agriculture using uniquely effective methods. The people behind AgDoc also understand crop insurance and the nature of the financial side of 21st century farming. And we are serving as a repository and Social Sharing site of Precision Ag equipment training.

Collectively, and in working together with our clients and business partners, AgDoc will become an ecosystem including service providers such as custom applicators and agronomists, as well as landlords, bankers, etc. As a partnership, we have a high-value reason for engaging with you and our other clients.

Join us. Tell us what YOU think. Someday, this ecosystem will be run by the USERS – and we’ll ALL benefit from it.

Call or write any time. Read and Comment on our Blog Posts. And share this site with your friends and colleagues.

Thanks for your collaboration.

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