Your Precision Ag Plan

Precision Agriculture
As more and more producers work to integrate precision Ag technology and practices into their farming operation we are all discovering the challenges that arise during this transition. One of the biggest gaps in implementing a precision agriculture plan is having a system that provides you with all the tools you need to be efficient and productive.  AgDoc has been developed to provide that system and more.  Using AgDoc, you will be able to capture the documentation you are developing out in the field, analyze that documentation to develop treatment plans for and from many different brands of precision farming equipment and feel secure knowing your data is safely backed up and secure.

Capture Documentation
Moving your documentation in and out of your monitor from your data management system should be a simple and easy process.  With AgDoc it is just that.  By using a simple utility, AgDoc collects the information right from your card and transmits it to AgDoc via the internet.  A key component of the process is that the data you collected from the field is geo-referenced, meaning that your documentation you collected in the field will automatically associate to the boundary for that specific field in AgDoc regardless of what the name of the field is in the monitor.  AgDoc will also automatically merge harvest or planting operations with multiple pieces of equipment in the field into one operation for easy analysis.

Analyze Documentation
AgDoc provides powerful, yet easy to use tools that allow you to analyze your fields at less than a field level.  Management zones and prescriptions are both easy to create using a number of different variables including soil sampling results, yield, elevation, satellite imagery, Veris, etc.

Sharing Your Documentation
Developing yield history to assist with your decision-making process during the implementation of a precision agriculture plan is essential.  It will also be important to get your planting information, harvest documentation, and soil test results to your key advisors.  AgDoc provides a platform to accomplish just that. With AgDoc, you have the ability to provide your crop consultant, Ag service provider or even landlord with their own an account, giving them access to the data you specify.  This allows them to do a better job providing you the advice you are paying them for as they can see your actual data rather than just “pretty pictures” you might have printed out.  You can also take this a step further by having your Ag service provider upload the as applied documentation from your fertilizer and chemical application directly to AgDoc, thus providing a history of what has been applied to that field.

Reporting with Your Documentation
Many changes are happening within the industry regarding the use of your documentation.  Not only can you use it for agronomic decision support or record keeping, you are now able to use your documentation for crop insurance reporting.  Changes effective for the 2011 crop year now offer you the option to utilize your planting documentation for acreage reporting and your harvest documentation for production reporting.  There are some rules that must be followed, so please visit with your agent about those before planting or harvesting.  By using AgDoc, you can make this reporting more streamlined and hassle free through the sharing of data.

Backing Up Your Documentation
With precision agriculture and your documentation playing an increasingly important role in agronomic decisions, record keeping, and reporting, backing your data up is critical.  With AgDoc, your information is securely stored within a series of redundant servers giving you piece of mind knowing that even if a lightning strike destroys your computer the information is still secure.

Precision Agriculture Plan
When tackling the implementation of technology into your operation, it is important to have a precision Agriculture Plan just as you have a crop rotation or fertilizer plan.  Whether you are a seasoned technology veteran or just beginning your precision agriculture journey, being involved with AgDoc will help provide the system you need to develop, implement and execute an effective plan.  For more information about AgDoc,  please give us  a call at 620-345-2727 or email

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