Put your precision ag equipment to work. Wonderful as it may be, the way most precision farming equipment is used right now is just scratching the surface. Because the same technology you depend on for farming accuracy is capable of dramatically increasing your profits in every field. AgDoc is a Web-based solution that helps you gain every bit of the potential precision farming has to offer. It captures data from virtually every piece of precision equipment you use – no matter what the brand – and creates a tight, workable system of critical information that helps you increase the profitability of every acre. AgDoc is the only one that puts all your precision ag equipment to work. AgDoc is designed to help you quickly and accurately determine the variability of the fertility in all your fields so you can plant, apply, monitor, and harvest accordingly. With AgDoc, you can bring together many elements including yield maps, topography, soil types, Veris®, satellite imagery, and soil sample results for a complete picture of your operation. AgDoc lets you upload information from virtually any monitor, on any piece of equipment, and then export your zone prescriptions back to any number of monitors. Share your data with other farm members, service providers, agronomists, landlords – whoever you choose.

AgDoc also gives you the option of wireless communication with AgBook®. AgBook® allows you to upload and download data and prescriptions in the field, instantly – without needing to run back and forth to your operation’s home base. It cuts time, eliminates data confusion, and saves you money. Nothing’s quite as frustrating as downtime. Which is why so many precision farmers appreciate AgDoc Plus service protection from PraireLand Partners John Deere®.

AgDoc is committed to providing the best opportunities for Precision Ag Farmers to learns the tools of the trade. So in addition to providing our clients with the best technology available, we are continuously developing high-quality, useful training videos intended to teach the mechanics of how to get the most out of the new technology. So check back often for new videos. And be sure to Share videos that you find most useful with other farmers. Perhaps even create some of your own videos and send them to AgDoc for possible posting to this site and sharing with others. Last but certainly not least, PrairieLand Partners is also creating videos around how to get the most out of the equipment. So again, check back often and Share items that you like with your colleagues. All boats rise with the tide.

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